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About Our Company

Posillico Contracting was founded in 1977 and we have been providing Long Island with quality service since we started. We strive in proving each customer with the highest quality of design and by being owner operated the customer is a always able to get what they want. We have built our reputation 1 stone at a time. Our Company provides the following type of services:

  1. Question-When is best time to plant?
    Answer-Spring and Fall is the best time (though Fall is preferred because plants stress less and promote faster root growth.)

    • Question- When can overgrown Perennials be split?
      Answer-Best time to split perennials is from August to mid September.

  2. Question-When is best time to prune Trees and Shrubs?
    Answer-The best time to prune Trees and Shrubs is when they are in dormant, Between Thanksgiving threw mid March.

  3. Question-When should Spring bulbs be planted?
    Answer-From the beginning of October to end of December.

  4. Question-When should lawns be winter fertilized?
    Answer-Lawns should be winter fertilized threw the month of November?

  5. Question-When is best to water lawns in the summer months?
    Answer-Early morning before sun up and late evenings after sun down.

  6. Question-When is it safe for installation of masonry materials?
    Answer-Masonry materials are safe to install anytime of year as long the temperature is above freezing.

  7. Question-What causes that white fuzzy powdery blemish on bricks? and can it be removed?
    Answer-That white fuzzy powdery blemish is called efflorescence it comes from soil and masonry sand that contains salt. Yes it can be removed with a efflorescence solution, but most of the time will come back until all salt is depleted out of the bricks.

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